4 Benefits Of Assisted Living For Aging Parents

Helping your aging parent decide it's the right time to move into an assisted living facility is never easy. After a lifetime of living in their own home, they may be resistant to the idea and you may be feeling conflicted or even guilty about the decision. Assisted living is often a positive transition for many seniors, however, and it can help to focus on the potential benefits. Here are four major benefits of assisted living:

On-Site Medical Help

Knowing that there is on-site emergency and medical assistance if needed may give you and your parent a great deal of peace of mind. If your parent falls, needs help managing their medication, or develops a new medical issue, there will be medical staff on-hand to make sure the problem is addressed safely and before it becomes more serious. Most assisted living facilities are designed to be as safe and accessible as possible, which is especially important if your parent is beginning to experience limited mobility or vision or hearing problems.

Social Opportunities

The senior years can be a lonely time, especially if family members, close friends, and significant others have passed away. Assisted living facilities come with built-in opportunities for socializing and building new friendships and bonds. Your loved one will get to meet new people and share fun activities and experiences with them. Many adult children find their parents seem happier and more lively after moving into a nursing home due to the social nature of assisted living.

More Free Time

Your parent may discover that without the many obligations and chores that come along with home ownership, they have much more free time to enjoy life. Instead of mowing the lawn and cleaning, they can spend time taking fitness classes, visiting with or calling loved ones, reading books, knitting, or pursuing both old and new hobbies and interests.

High Quality of Life

By choosing the right nursing home for your parent, you can help ensure their quality of life improves. From private suites and apartments, to gourmet meals, indoor swimming pools, and yoga classes, many assisted living facilities are designed with features that significantly enhance their residents lives.

Assisted living doesn't have to be a scary decision, and in fact can be a very positive and rewarding time in life. By exploring the option of moving into an assisted living facility, your aging parent will be able to experience these benefits for themselves.

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