3 Things To Know About Stair Lifts

Stair lifts make it possible for seniors and those with mobility problems to safely and easily go up and down the stairs. If you're considering getting a stair lift but you're not sure it's for you, here are three things you should know:

1. Anyone can use a stair lift

You may want a stair lift but have concerns that you aren't a good candidate due to your weight or disability. However, you should know that most people are able to successfully use the right stair lift. If you're a larger person, you can benefit from heavy duty stair lifts. According to Easy Climber, traditional stair lifts can accommodate people up to 300 pounds, while heavy-duty lifts can carry up to 600 pounds.

If you can't sit due to pain or stiffness, there are standing stair lifts you can use. These stair lifts feature an elevated cushion you can rest against, as well as handles you can use to steady yourself. It includes a seat belt for additional safety, just like regular seated stair lifts.

2. Stair lifts are affordable

Stair lifts typically cost a few thousand dollars, which can sound like a lot. However, you can deduct the cost of your stair lift on your taxes as a medical expense. If you served in the US military, your veteran's benefits will cover the cost of a stair lift if your mobility issue was caused by your military service. Even if your mobility issue is unrelated, you can still get the cost of your stair lift partially covered. While traditional Medicare doesn't cover the cost of stair lifts, extended Medicare usually does. Make sure to get in contact with your insurance provider to ask if they will partially or fully cover the cost of your stair lift.

3. Stair lifts can fit any architecture

The most common models of stair lifts are made to be installed on straight staircases, but if you have a curved staircase in your house, you can get a stair lift custom made. Contact your local stair lift company and ask for a consultation. A representative will come to your home to evaluate your staircase and take measurements for your stair lift. They'll be able to give you a price quote depending on the scope of the work.

Stair lifts are even an option if your stairs are outside. Stair lifts meant to be used outdoors feature rugged, durable material that can stand up to the elements. They usually have rough, nonslip platforms to keep you safe in wet conditions and waterproof seats to help you avoid mold.