Options Seniors Have At Assisted Living Communities

One of the top things that make assisted living so popular and desirable for seniors is the ability seniors have to continue doing things for themselves that they do not need help with. The other benefit, though, is that assisted living gives seniors the ability to have assistance with the tasks they may need help with. This good mixture of assistance and independence is what seniors love about assisted living, and here are some of the options seniors will have when living in a community like this.

To Clean and Maintain Their Apartment

One option seniors will have is to choose whether they want to clean and maintain their own apartments or if they would prefer letting the facility handle these duties. Many seniors still have the ability to do household tasks like this and many still want to. If your parent is able to do these things and wants to, you should let him or her handle these tasks.

To Cook

Cooking is another option seniors have when living in assisted living. If a person is still able to cook and enjoys cooking, this person would have the freedom to continue handling this task on his or her own. Keeping this type of independence is a great idea if a senior parent can handle it, yet when living at an assisted living community, seniors will always have the option of eating the meals the facility provides for them.

To Participate in Activities

Seniors also have the option of participating in activities. There will be activities available for all the seniors to take part in; however, the facility will never force or require them to do these things. Seniors can pick and choose which ones to do, and they can decide not to do any if they prefer not to.

To Have Assistance with Personal Hygiene Activities

The other main option seniors will have is choosing whether or not they need assistance each day with normal personal hygiene activities. For example, if a person needs help bathing but can handle all other duties alone, the person will only need to have assistance with bathing and will not be required to have assistance with all the other daily tasks he or she completes.

These are just some of the options available for seniors and allowing them to handle the tasks they can still do on their own helps them with their self-esteem, health, and mobility. If you have questions about the way assisted living works, contact a community in your area today.