Is Your Senior Parent Too Independent To Move In With You? 3 Benefits Of Senior Living Apartments To Discuss

The senior years are a time when many older adults face difficult decisions about their living situation. On one hand, your loved one might be reaching the point when they need to be closer to other people who can look in on their well-being. On the other, they may still have years before they need more serious care. While you might feel like it would be easier to have your loved one move in with you, they may prefer to keep their independence. Instead of pressing the issue, try to find a compromise by opening up a dialogue about these three benefits of retirement communities.

Enjoy a Private Apartment

Senior living apartments are a lot like those in mixed-aged communities. For instance, your loved one will still be able to enjoy having their own space without worrying about people just walking in like they might in a group living situation. These apartments also tend to come with special features that enhance safety and security, such as accessible bathrooms and senior-friendly floor plans. Your loved one may also enjoy knowing that retirement communities tend to be fairly quiet and safe for older adults since only people within their age range are allowed to live there.

Leave Home Maintenance Worries Behind

Your parent might be independent, but that doesn't mean that they enjoy worrying about landscaping and other parts of home maintenance. A senior living community comes with amenities that include professionals who handle repairs and lawn care. Your loved one can use all of the extra time and money that they save on home maintenance to explore new hobbies and make new friends. They may also experience less anxiety if they tend to worry about things breaking down in their current home.

Live Closer to Friends and Family

Moving to a retirement community can serve as a way to get your parent to live closer to your family than they do now. If they won't move into your house, then look for a community that is within a close driving distance. This makes dropping in for visits easier. If your loved one currently lives in a younger community, then they may also like knowing that they'll be living in an environment that is filled with like-minded older adults. Being able to just walk over to a neighbor's house to enjoy a conversation or join in on a community event helps your parent to stay social and develop a strong support network.

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