What Services Are Provided At A Skilled Nursing Facility?

People sometimes require additional assistance with day-to-day activities, especially if they are elderly, injured, or ill. Assisted living facilities can provide care to people who need it. However, some people require a level of care that can only be provided by a registered nurse or physician. Registered nurses can administer medication, perform wound care, and run intravenous lines when required. Fortunately, skilled nursing facilities are available for people who require medical assistance. Here are four services that you can expect to find in a skilled nursing facility:

1. Meal Service

Adequate nutrition is important at all stages of life. People who are healing from surgery or an injury may have special dietary needs. A skilled nursing facility will provide three daily meals to residents. This can be a relief for people with limited mobility since they won't have to worry about grocery shopping or cooking for themselves. The meals provided at a skilled nursing facility are nutritionally balanced in order to keep residents strong and healthy.

2. Personal Hygiene Assistance

Good hygiene is important for health and wellness. Keeping your body clean can prevent infections and discomfort. It's necessary to bathe, brush your teeth, and comb your hair daily. However, some people have physical limitations that make these tasks difficult. At a skilled nursing facility, you will receive help with personal hygiene tasks. An attendant can help you bathe, dress, and perform oral care. A nurse can also change your bandages and perform wound care as necessary.

3. Medication Administration

Most people who reside in skilled nursing facilities are taking at least one medication. It's important that you take your medication at the correct time for maximum effect. However, some people can be forgetful, especially elderly people. The staff at a skilled nursing facility will administer your medication on schedule. You will never have to worry about missing a dose or accidentally doubling up on medication since professional medical personnel will handle your prescriptions.

4. Physical Therapy

Skilled nursing facilities also employ specialists, such as physical therapists. Physical therapy is often prescribed after a person has suffered an injury. Physical therapy can strengthen your body and help you regain your full range of motion. Traveling to doctor's appointments can be difficult. Fortunately, residents of skilled nursing facilities can attend PT sessions in the facility itself. Regular physical therapy can help your body heal. People with chronic conditions, such as arthritis, may benefit from physical therapy as well.