Assumptions You Should Avoid Making About Assisted Living Communities

When a person is having difficulties with meeting their own self-care needs, an assisted living community can be a practical and effective solution. Yet, this is an option that will often not get the attention that it deserves due to some assumptions that can be easy to make.

Assumption: Residents Of Assisted Living Facilities Have No Freedom

Some people will assume that a resident of an assisted living facility will have little to no freedom when it comes to their daily routine. In reality, these facilities will strive to provide individuals with a range of entertainment and activities that they can choose to use so that they can retain as much of their personal freedom as possible. This can be critical for allowing residents of these facilities to continue to have a high quality of life. Furthermore, many of these facilities will offer fairly expansive dining hours and a wide range of food options so that individuals can have as much freedom as possible with their eating habits.

Assumption: The Assisted Living Facility Will Be Able To Provide All Of The Medical Needs Of The Patients

One of the reasons that individuals will need to choose an assisted living facility is due to needing assistance with basic care and even medical needs. Unfortunately, there are limits to the amount of care that an assisted living facility can provide. While these providers may be able to assist with administering medication, monitoring vital signs, and providing other basic care, more significant matters will still need to be treated by a specialist. Luckily, these facilities will often have a shuttle service that residents can use to take them to their medical appointments. This can be critical for those that may not have family members available to drive them to these appointments.

Assumption: Assisted Living Facilities Are All Relatively Comparable

As with other services, there are significant variations in the level of quality and the amenities available when it comes to assisted living communities. To help individuals assess these options, many assisted living communities can provide potential residents with tours of the property that will be able to assess the condition of the grounds and the available amenities in person. If you are planning to tour numerous assisted living communities, you may want to take photographs or write down notes during these tours so that you can keep them organized when you are comparing the various facilities to each other.

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