When the Time Is Right to Move to Assisted Living — Persuading Your Senior Parent

As your parent ages, taking care of their home and their activities of daily living becomes more challenging for them due to medical ailments and physical limitations. That's when you start wondering — when is the right time to discuss having them move to a senior assisted living community? For some, there is a point when everyone in the family starts to realize that having your parent move to an assisted living community can be a wonderful idea, for many reasons.

For others, however, persuading their senior parent or family member to move from the comfort of their home to an assisted living facility can be difficult. Here are a few things you can discuss with them that may help change their mind.

Concierge Service

Assisted living communities provide assistance to residents who need help with things like managing activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, housekeeping, etc), and medication management or reminders. They also provide services that assist residents with meal planning, laundry, assistance with home maintenance, and running errands. Since your parent has been independent and has enjoyed being independent, call these types of services concierge service so it doesn't sound so clinical or hospitalized. When you take a look at the various assisted living communities in your area, you'll see concierge services listed. 


Another thing that may help change your parent's mind about moving to an assisted living community is that they typically have many different types of ways to socialize with others in the community. After living alone and being isolated, your parent may welcome having the ability to have social interaction with others on a daily basis, should they choose to do so. Several examples of the types of opportunities for social interaction include: 

  • arts and crafts
  • movie nights 
  • exercise classes 
  • outings 
  • live entertainment
  • dining
  • seminars
  • church services
  • computer classes

Community Amenities

Many senior assisted living communities are similar to small villages. They have a community center for various activities, a hair salon, a gym, a restaurant-style dining room, a library, and an internet café. Since mobility may be an issue for many in these communities, golf carts are typically used to help people get around in the community. The concierge service can set up the transportation within a matter of minutes should your parent want to go to the community's library on a whim, for example. 

In conclusion, to help convince your parent that it's time to look for an assisted living community, focus on the benefits of having a concierge service and the benefits of living in a community with others.