Five Reasons Seniors Should Choose Short Term Rehabilitation After Hip Surgery

If you're a senior recovering from hip surgery, chances are you may require some form of post-operative physical rehabilitation. If you are not be up to the physical demands of traveling to and from a rehab center several times a week, there is another option to consider. A stay at a short term rehabilitation facility may offer you full-time care 24-hours a day. Here are some of the practical reasons and ways you may benefit from short term rehabilitation.

1. Short Term Rehabilitation Facilities Employ a Full Staff of Professionals

While you're recovering from hip surgery, you'll probably require rehabilitation in addition to nursing care. If you were to receive in-home nursing care, you might need to visit a rehab center twice or three times a week during your recovery period. This may be inconvenient and place extra stress on you.

If you were to hire a private nurse for short term in-home care, your physical needs would be met, however, you would not receive physical rehabilitation to aid in your recovery. A short term rehabilitation facility would mean having access to a full rehabilitation center at all times during your stay. In addition, most short term rehab centers offer nursing care as well.

This means your short term stay would include access to a full clinical staff. In many cases, a short term rehabilitation facilities employ physicians, nurses, licensed physical and occupational therapists, as well as dietitians and social workers. All of your post-operative needs may be met.

2. Your Clinical Staff Will Be Available for You Every Day of the Year

With other options in post operative care, you may not receive necessary treatment on holidays or weekends. A stay at a rehabilitation center after your hip surgery means you may be able to receive physical or occupational therapy 365 days a year. Your therapist will be on-site every day, seeing to your needs. This offers more flexibility and individualized care.

3. You'll Have Access to Therapeutic Equipment Whenever You Need It

A state of the art post-operative short term rehabilitation center will typically have a therapy room. This designated area will be equipped with the latest devices and equipment to help you recover. This may include the use of exercise equipment such as a stationary bicycle or treadmill.

Many short term rehabilitation facilities also offer aquatic therapy. Your stay may include the use of a warm therapy whirlpool. Aquatic therapy help to improve blood circulation and facilitate healing. In addition, the warm spa water may relieve post-operative discomfort.

Water therapy can offer these benefits without placing stress or pressure on your hip joints. This is due to the buoyancy of the water. Additionally, you'll have a licensed physiotherapist to assist you every step of the way.

4. You'll Have All The Conveniences of Home

While you recover during your short stay, you will want your comfort and convenience. These days, most short term rehab centers offer the comforts of home. This may include a private room with bath, kitchen and laundry facilities. Many units resemble a small studio apartment, complete with flat screen television and even WIFI capabilities.

5. You'll Receive Emotional Support and Social Services

In many cases, a social worker will be assigned to the patient in short term rehabilitation. This can help with the transitional period and discharge plans. This will also help ensure that any social services needed will be available to you at the time of discharge.

As a final note, before choosing your short term rehabilitation center, keep a few key points in mind. Ask for a tour of the facility and be sure it is centrally located so loved ones may visit during your stay. Also, learn if Medicare will cover the expense.