Looking For The Right Memory Care Facility For Your Parent? Start Your Evaluation In The Entrance Hall

Are you looking for the right memory care facility for one of your parents? Have you visited several options, but aren't quite sure how to tell which will best serve the needs of your loved one? A good place to start your evaluation is in the entrance hall of a facility by looking for the below 4 things. Color On The Walls When memory recall is a problem, it can be confusing and frustrating to be faced with a hall that offers only a long stretch of plain white walls.

Worried About Recuperating From Surgery At Home? What Are Your Options?

If you're over 65 and recently scheduled a major surgical procedure to take place within the next few weeks, you may be feeling anxious about the recovery process -- especially if your home has stairs, a low bathtub, or other seemingly insurmountable obstacles that could prevent you from moving around freely. You may wonder whether it's a better idea for you to spend your recovery in a rehabilitation facility until it's safe for you to return home.

The Light You Bring To A Loved One's Golden Years: 10 Ways To Keep Their Spirits High In Assisted Living

While nursing home care may be a necessity for many, making the transition from independence to assisted living isn't easy. In fact, rates of depression can reach as high as 49 percent. Here are 10 important ways you can keep the spirits of your loved one up after they've made the move to a TLC-intense environment in a convalescent home. 1. Understand The Condition(s) Your Loved One Is Dealing With

Dementia And Weather Changes: How To Keep Your Loved One Safe

If you're looking after a loved one with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, you need to understand the threats posed by different kinds of extreme weather so you can provide the proper monitoring and preventative care. Here are some things to bear in mind as things get hotter, colder, wetter, or stormier for your loved one. Heat Extreme heat can prove deadly to anyone, but dementia sufferers are at special risk.

Five Reasons Seniors Should Choose Short Term Rehabilitation After Hip Surgery

If you're a senior recovering from hip surgery, chances are you may require some form of post-operative physical rehabilitation. If you are not be up to the physical demands of traveling to and from a rehab center several times a week, there is another option to consider. A stay at a short term rehabilitation facility may offer you full-time care 24-hours a day. Here are some of the practical reasons and ways you may benefit from short term rehabilitation.